Jevgenija Parfjonova was born in 1981. Lives and works in Riga, Latvia.


 The talent of future artist was revealed in the small Jevgenija when she was 5 years old.

Bright wall-papers in the children's room drew artistic imagination.

Coloured gouache lay down by the bright spots in the form of ridiculous animals. Happy children's face could not but touch even French bulldog called Flesh… 


Beginning was established!


 In the consequence many children's figures, which were being put out at the walls of kindergartens and schools were drawn.

  Creative beginning was strengthened and clearly was designed in the Latvian state artistic school, where Jevgenija was occupied for a period of the 4th years, studying the special features of painting, academic figure, artistic modelling and drawing. 


Dream about the Latvian Artistic Academy was not carried out, although the preparatory courses with the Academy were successfully finished.

 But it was not formed. 


Then Russian-Baltic Academy obtained the most industrious student.

 Jevgenija finished Academy in the department of advertising artistic design.


 The adherent of the realistic school of painting, artist nevertheless talented work in the genre of abstraction.


  The main predilection of artist is the thematic of dear all children literary characters, and also rural and urban view.


 It is not dependent on that, in which city and to what country she works, Jevgenija feels and transfers on the linen all notes of accordion, beauty and atmosphere of that place, where it is located.

 She repeatedly participated in the charitable actions abroad, to what the substantial part of her creation was dedicated.


 The large part of funds, received from sale of pictures, they go to the donations into the children's pre-school establishments in many countries.


 Her pictures decorate the walls of Guernsey of Alzheimers Association, yearly attended by English Queen Elizabeth II, and honoured by many royal rewards.